• 3.7, 3.8, 3.9
  • flit
  • clean up Makefile
  • clean up tox.ini
  • typer
  • black
  • pre-commit

Really short term TODO items

  • clean up typer usage (maybe)
  • validate all docs
  • revisit all tests

Long Term TODO items

  • Create a REST API and multi-user capability so that multiple people can connect to one database.
  • Create alternative front ends. For example:
    • remote CLI
    • Flask
    • Other web frameworks
  • Deploy some version to a cloud based solution.
  • Continue to explore all of the troubling difficult points in blog posts and podcast episodes.
  • Change the document into something more sane. Anyone know a good way to keep a change log that is relevant but not difficult to maintain?
  • Keep it a reasonably simple project that is a good example of whatever the Python community generally agrees is ok practices.